Precision, Speed, Convenience

Precision ADAS is a full-service ADAS calibration center located in Southern Kentucky. We diagnose, repair, and calibrate your vehicle’s advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

When it comes to ADAS calibrations, accuracy is key. At Precision ADAS, our sole focus is on the calibration of vehicle safety systems, which allows us to be more efficient, competitive, and precise than the competition.

What is adas?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can be found in most of today’s vehicles. In fact, we’re willing to bet there’s a few in yours! 

ADAS are designed to reduce the frequency of traffic accidents and limit the severity of those that cannot be prevented. Thanks to these added features, driving a vehicle is now safer and simpler than ever before.

Common ADAS features include:

Automatic Emergency Braking

Detects slow or stopped traffic ahead and engages brakes to prevent a collision.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Monitors a vehicle's blind spot and alerts the driver to adjacent obstacles.

Lane Departure Warning

Alerts drivers that they have drifted their vehicle outside of the lane.

Adaptive Headlights

Improves visibility at night by adjusting the lamp’s brightness in low-light conditions

Pedestrian Detection

Detects human movements in the vehicle’s path and alerts the driver.

Collision Avoidance System

Alerts the driver and engages breaks when necessary to avoid a collision.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adjusts vehicle speed based on speed and distance parameters set by the driver.

Is adas calibration necessary?

ADAS calibration is necessary whenever an ADAS sensor has been disturbed in any way. This can occur following a collision or as a result of common service work such as a windshield replacement or wheel alignment. 

These actions will not always trigger a warning light and/or diagnostic code and most often cannot be seen with the naked eye. This presents a challenge for auto and collision repair facilities that don’t have the expertise or equipment to identify and repair ADAS modules. 

We’ve developed an ADAS calibration process that ensures a vehicle is ready and safe to operate before it’s returned to your shop. Each vehicle we calibrate undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its ADAS systems are functioning properly before it leaves our facility. 

Why choose precision adas?

ADAS calibrations are technical and require the right experience, advanced equipment, and proper training. Because of the challenges involved, many auto repair shops send cars to a dealership when a calibration is required.

Unfortunately, outsourcing your calibrations to dealerships is expensive and inconvenient. That’s why we started Precision ADAS – a full-service calibration center dedicated entirely to performing precise ADAS calibrations. 

Our expert technicians have the training, knowledge, and equipment to support them that can only be found in a professional calibration center. After calibration we put the vehicle through vigorous testing to ensure it’s ready to hit the road. And because our facility is dedicated entirely to ADAS calibrations, we’re able to perform them for our customers at a lower cost with added connivences like delivery, pickup, and electronic scheduling. 

Our Calibration process

When it comes to ADAS, malfunctions can be tough to pinpoint, but our team is equipped to calibrate and get them back to OEM specifications. We follow a three step process that covers everything from diagnosis to testing.


Diagnostic Scan

A pre-calibration diagnostic scan is the first step to identifying a vehicle’s ADAS systems and potential malfunctions. We’ll begin by identifying all ADAS systems within the vehicle and pinpointing which ones have been thrown out of alignment by a collision or during the repair process.



After validating the fuel level and wheel alignment, we’ll perform the vehicle calibration. We align all of the vehicle’s sensors to exact OEM specifications. This process requires the use of recalibration targets, scanning devices, and monitoring by a certified technician. Once complete, we’ll put the vehicle to the test inside and outside of our facility. 


Health Check

A post scan following calibration helps us verify that each of the vehicle’s ADAS modules are fully operational. This is the final step to ensuring that a calibration has been completed successfully. We document our entire process in an electronic file that will be available to you after calibration is complete.